POLAR STAR INDUSTRY although was founded in 2018 (February), it has a workforce experienced for over 25 years in integrated HVAC-R solutions in industrial and marine applications. This way, we engineer, install and commission all types of projects, from small upgrades to large-scale installations, ensuring the efficient and operational mode of all equipment and units.


Our mission is to create a powerful customer support network when it comes to cooperation. This way, we ensure the project from its inception, to implementation and completion (turn-key), as well as we build a relation of trust with our partners, guaranteeing the highest performance of our systems.

Our business model

The combination of quality-professionalism-efficiency is our modus operandi. We invest in quality standards, as we use them both in our services and business functions, therefore, we ensure our products and services are safe, complying with regulations and environmental requirements and keeping our partners satisfied.

Save and protect

We believe that through innovation and environment friendly technology, we make our systems to achieve their designed performance.

Innovation, quality and experience

Innovation, quality and experience are intertwined inextricably at POLAR STAR INDUSTRY, as our experienced workforce, when engaged to perform a task, is committed to provide an innovative HVAC-R solution using qualitative products and staff planning.

our partners